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The MosaicSoul community awards the best websites of unknowns or celebs through an automatic voting system, where our public winners are discovered.

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Automatic Vote System

The "Shortlist" displays website results based on community activity every hour. Once a day, the best shortlisted websites enter the "Nominees" stage. On the first day of each month, the best Nominee gets a Public Award and is displayed in the "Winners" section. Read more
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Social Gaming Approach

Core badges reward you to be involved in the MosaicSoul Awards.
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Goals of the MosaicSoul Awards

> Create conversations around Personal Branding and website creativity
> Discover official websites of unknowns or celebrities based on your interests
> Encourage engagement within the MosaicSoul community
> Set the standard for innovation around competition
> Identify and celebrate the best of the best of Personal Branding websites!

This Year

MosaicSoul's community is more than twice the size it was in 2012
MosaicSoul will be implementing new technologies to encourage and enhance the user experience