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Why is my official site not in your database?

  1. We haven’t checked if the submitted URL is acceptable yet – we need to verify for the quality of our database

  2. Someone might not have submitted it yet. Try adding to the community by submitting your URL today

  3. Not eligible: The URL might not meet our criteria and be an official fan site/site from a sponsor or major/page from other social site

  4. We have focused on added websites primarily from the US market for the beginning of MosaicSoul, but feel free to add your URL

Why can’t I find my sport or genre of music?

We’ve focused on a selection of sports and musical genres for the early stages of MosaicSoul. If you’re concerned that your favourite sport or genre isn’t on the list, feel free to contact us.

How do I submit a list of official sites?

If you have a list, feel free to send it our way by contacting us. We’ll check it over and if it meets our criteria we’ll add it to the database.

Why is a person with a lot of votes not awarded?

Public Winner: Our algorithm is built to promote creativity and to give a chance to non celebrities. Read more details

Pro Winner: Creativity is the only aim for our jury! Read more details