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Welcome to MosaicSoul


"Holy shit what’s this awesome site!" is a statement strong enough to give you the feeling I expect when I visit the official site of a public figure I care about and follow.

Here at MosaicSoul, we love music, sports, performers and the people who make these things great. Today they are on the radio, at events, on TV and all over social networks.

Artists, athletes and performers can use their official websites as a powerful way and beautiful place to express themselves. And we want to build a community around these places.

What is MosaicSoul?

It’s a place where celeb’s or unknowns can expose themselves in a creative way through their official site.

A place where the finest design is awarded and where everybody can comment, rate, discover, and share.

Aim: To spread and award creativity into the Personal Branding and Self Promotion world.

Our goal is to find (with the help of you, our community) and award the greatest creative websites of individual athletes and performers.

You’re NOT celeb yet…

But you can be! Ask to a tech graduate student, a video geek fan, a web agency, a puppet artist or whoever with great creative and/or technical skills to help you to express yourself. I’m sure you will find a passionate and creative person around you ;-)

You’re a celeb…

Tell your manager to move forward with a professional web agency and create an awesome official website for your followers, a place independent of your Twitter account or Facebook page – a place that offers your fans more.

You’re fan…

Enrich the community database at MosaicSoul by submitting the official websites of the people you’re interested in and help people to discover them. But remember, we’re looking for creativity and mainly focus on well-designed websites.

And remember to rate on other people’s websites to help build our great community!

Eric Djengué 

MosaicSoul founder